Incredibly interesting workshops

Learn interesting insights in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with like minded people

Join us on an illuminating journey through the year as, month by month, we explore the natural energies around and within us.
Learn how to make the best use of their subtle influences to create profound effects on your own physical, emotional and mental health.

Have you every wondered…….

When is the best time of the year for planning?
How to stop procrastination?
Ho you can improve your creativity?
Where is your inner child and how to heal them?
How you can sleep well, every night?

We’ll explore all these questions, and more, as we journey together through the natural cycle of transformation, gaining a deeper understanding of what affects us and what we can do to take control and use them to our own benefit.

Find inner peace and calm with the evolving cycle of life.
Make every day an easy day and every night a restful one.

In every 2 hour workshop we discuss the impact of the energies around us and their relevance to your current emotional and physical state.
Prepare yourself for some light bulb moments as your awareness grows.
Experience the impact of simple, effective techniques to bring your back on track.

Workshops are run online, via the convenient, easy to use Zoom platform.  The versatile meeting space where you connect easily with like minded people in a friendly, relaxed environment.
No fuss, no sitter required, no driving or parking charges just fire up your device, grab a cuppa, click the link and you’re in.

The easy way to be assertive.
Do you find yourself slipping to the bottom of the list?
Are you always saying ‘Yes’ when you really want to say ‘No’?

Join us as we discover why this happens and how to change it.
Learn simple techniques to help you be more assertive, without trying.
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Find peace beyond overwhelm.

Do you feel over-loaded?
Is procrastination blocking you?

Clarity is possible. Join us as we explore what is happening.
Try out some simple, quick techniques to clear the fog of overwhelm.
Restore clarity, make clear decisions and move forward with ease.
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Ignite your passion, fuel your dreams.

Has your get up and go got up and gone?
Do you struggle to get the energy together to get yourself through each day?

Join us as we share interesting insights and activities to help you connect with your passion, enhance joy for life and experience a sense of personal fulfilment.
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Time to stop spreading yourself so thin.

How long is your ‘to do’ list?
Do you find yourself adding more to the bottom and ticking less off the top?

The more we take on the harder it is to know where to start.
Learn how to easily do less and achieve more using simple, effective tips and techniques.
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Tame your fire, take back control and dance to the rhythm of life.
Does anxiety rule your life?
Are hot flushes, night sweats or poor concentration making life miserable?

Stress affects the delicate hormone balance disrupting the chemical messengers,significantly impacting physical and mental performance.
Join us as we learn what’s happening and experience the profound effect of simple techniques to restore harmony and create peace.

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Connect to your destiny.

What is your purpose?
Are you looking for meaning and focus but unsure where to look?

Destiny and wisdom come from within.
Join us, learn how to tap into your innate reserves of potential and purpose.
Open the door to your purpose.
Discover insights and practical techniques to help you tap in more easily.

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Learn to love yourself, just as you are.
Are you your own worst critic?
When was the last time you congratulated or thanked yourself?

The nurture you offer yourself, or lack of it, has a huge impact on confidence and self-esteem.
Being kind to and about yourself improves both mental and physical health.
Join us as we explore simple tips and techniques to heal from the inside and become your own best friend.

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Ignite your inner glow and shine.
Are you sick and tired of catching every cough and cold that goes round?
Are you carrying the pain of wounds inflicted long ago?

Stress affects our bodies ability to fight off attack; physically, emotionally and mentally.
In this workshop learn what happens to your immune system in the face of stress and explore some versatile techniques and tips to help improve your resilience.

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Let go with grace, enjoy the peace of inner space.
How much time to you spends second guessing every choice you make?
What is precious in your life and what do you do to take care of it?

Understanding and valuing yourself is a fundamental to self acceptance.
Once we accept who we are life becomes a much gentler experience.
Join us as we introduce insights into self acceptance and practice beautiful techniques to help you value yourself and find inner peace.

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Dump your emotional baggage and fly.

Do you carry the physical or emotional baggage of past encounters with you?
Are you still fighting battles that ended long ago?

Releasing the burden of emotional pain can feel scary at first so this workshop introduces insights and techniques to make the whole process much easier.
Learn how to free yourself from the weight of the past that holds you back.

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Grasp your potential and fill your life with possibility.
How often do you get excited about an idea?
Are you making it real or keeping it small?

Embracing the power of the energies around us at this time of year will kick start your dreams and fuel you for the year ahead, if you let it.
Learn how to embrace this powerful force and make this year your best yet.
Experience the impact of amazing techniques to help you plug in and recharge.

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Dive in, sleep deep and feel your confidence soar.
Do you dream big?
When was the last time to woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead?
Sleep is a powerful healer.

Modern life creates stress that robs us of quality sleep, increasing anxiety and reducing performance, making every day an effort.
Come with us as we explore what really affects our sleep and experience the relief of some exquisite tips and techniques that have a profound effect.

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