Learning Kinesiology

Would you like to learn how to use the art of muscle testing to support the well-being of your friends and family?

Are you ready to extend your existing therapeutic practice with your clients to include a range of profound techniques to deepen their experience with you?

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Touch for Health Kinesiology is the foundation training for most professional kinesiology schools as well as being a stand alone practice, it was devised to empower community and family groups to have access to therapeutic tools to enable them to proactively support their own health and well-being

Touch for health training is where you’ll meet like minded individuals, developing new skills in a shared learning environment.

You’ll receive a full colour, easy to follow, illustrated manual, to support your hands-on learning. All techniques are explained in simple language and you’ll practice alongside other friendly participants, just like you, in a friendly, hands-on environment, where you can gently grow your confidence in a supportive, caring space whilst making friends for life.

Through the courses we gather together for practice sessions to help you practice and develop your skills, sharing your learning with other students and others interested to experience the profound power of these techniques. You are welcome to bring your friends and family members along and I am always on hand to provide support and answer any questions you might have.

From day one of the course you will have techniques that you can use to enhance the well-being of yourself, your friends and family.

All Touch for Health training is delivered to the professional standards and codes of conduct of the Kinesiology Federation and the International Kinesiology College. At the end of each module you will receive an official certificate from the International Kinesiology College and will be eligible to join the kinesiology federation as a student member

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All courses and workshops are run at beautiful venues local to York.
I look forward to sharing with you.