Self-testing Interactive Masterclass

Self-testing masterclass, learn game changing techniques and valuable insights to help you achieve consistent, reliable, effective results.

Self-testing is a traditional way to connect with your own innate intelligence, gathering feedback and accessing insights to help you build greater self-awareness and create your own solutions.

Whatever your experience of self-testing, this workshop has plenty for everyone, whether you’re looking to start using these profound technique or extend your exploration, you will leave with plenty of practical tools, techniques and strategies you can implement straight away.

One of the biggest challenges with self-testing is how to remain impartial, it is all too easy to get in our own way, creating a loop of self-doubt, leading to uncertainty and endless confusing questions before, finally, disappearing down a self-testing rabbit hole.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Guided by a patient and professional instructor, together we will explore various methods of self-testing, including a revolutionary technique that will bring a new level of clarity to your practice.

Learn professional tips and insights to further your expertise and help you get the most from your self-testing activities.

In this 3 hour, interactive, workshop we will explore various aspects of self-testing, including a brand new self-testing technique that will bring greater depth to your self-testing practice, enabling you to get out of your own way, improve clarity and achieve quicker, more reliable results.

Together we will investigate

What self-testing is (and what it isn’t)
When to self-test and when not to
Various methods of self-testing, including a brand new game changing technique
How to get out of your own way
How to be quick, effective and reliable in your own self testing process
What questions to ask
Reliable questioning protocols
The best time(s) to ask
How to spot when self-testing is not working
What to do when self-testing goes awry

As with all my interactive training workshops (both off and on line) spaces are strictly limited.
This ensures that you get a quality learning experience with plenty of time and space to
ask your questions
experiment with the techniques
make valuable connections
relax and enjoy

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me