The B-Well Festival of well-being

The B-Well Festival of well-being started as a result of the COVID 19 UK lock down and is fast becoming a permanent fixture in the UK well-being events calendar .

The inspiration for the Festival came from the sad realisation that, regardless of how quickly the restrictions of the lock down would be eased, the well-being festivals that we had grown to treasure would be unlikely to re-open anytime soon.
With mental and physical health being impacted it was time to act.
Courage and my ‘can do’ attitude kicked in.
The B-Well Festival of well-being was born.

The B-Well Festival brings together professional presenters, sharing their expertise, knowledge and skill on a variety of topics including:
Shamanic Healing
Family well-being
Building healthy relationships
Sound Healing
Professional Hair and make up
Weight management
Anxiety & Stress
Managing change
Self-care massage
……and a whole lot more.

All the feedback has been very positive, as you can see from the comments above, so we have decided to do it again.
If you would like to find out more please join the mailing list.
If you are interested to be considered as a presenter please get in touch.

The B-Well Festival of well-being; the premiere online well-being gathering where you canā :
meet up with friends
access face to face, real time interactive workshops
extend your well-being network
connect with like minded people
chat 1:1 with professional practitioners in real time
……all from the comfort of your own home.