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Please note all new clients receive a full consultation as part of their initial session.

Clients remain clothed at all times.

Please wear comfortable clothing you can easily move around in.

Sessions are suitable for people of all ages. All children (under 17) are charged at a reduced rate and MUST be accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility.

1-2-1 face to face clinic sessions are now suspended.
All of the following sessions are now available via zoom.
If you are interested to find out more please contact me.
Thank you for your patience.

Kinesiology is effective in supporting the body to perform better, assisting recovery from everyday injuries and traumas and can enhance sporting performance.
Your body is a sophisticated system of organic engineering, capable of amazing things.
Through life it is easy to pick up injuries and behaviours that create compensating patterns, impairing progress and, eventually, reducing performance and creating pain.
Kinesiology supports the system to ‘defrag’ these unhelpful glitches and allow your system to run a cleaner, more efficient programme.

£50 (£35 for under 17s) for 90 minutes

To book your appointment or find out more please call 07541 320113

Is food stressing you out?
Food intolerance is on the rise, with 1 in 5 people experiencing symptoms including




abdominal pain

headaches and more……..

If you feel food could be causing additional stress in your life a 1-2-1 food sensitivity session tests over 150 common foods, in a safe, non-invasive way; ascertaining which cause you stress.
Then, together, we’ll create a space for your system to recuperate so your healing can begin.
You’ll receive useful advice to take away as well as valuable insights and access to ongoing support.

£65 (£35 for under 17s)

To book your session please call 07541 320113.

Creative kinesiology allows access to a deeper level of consciousness, creating a space where your story can be heard and profound healing can begin.

Uncovering the story of your unique journey, Creative kinesiology provides valuable insights into the issues, challenges and stories that have become embedded within your own internal narrative.

Creative kinesiology brings this narrative into consciousness for witnessing, honour and, where necessary, healing.

Creative kinesiology is a versatile, gentle method of accessing your inner wisdom and can be used to stimulate resolution in various situations including:

Past life issues

Inner child work

Addiction release


Postural release

Trauma release

£50 for 90 minutes

To book your session or discuss if Creative Kinesiology is for you, please call 07541 320113

Menopause affects the whole of a woman’s system, creating physical and mental health issues.

Rather than being something we must suffer, recent studies demonstrate that the hormonal interaction between your reproductive system and your brain significantly affects brain function. Oestrogen feeds brain energy and erratic oestrogen reduction, during menopause, impacts the brains ability to regulate body temperature, through the hypothalamus, causing hot flushes and night sweats, whilst lower brain energy impairs the functioning of the hippocampus, responsible for cognition and memory.

Menopause causes as much as a 30% drop in brain energy levels so, if it feels like your mind is playing tricks on you, that’s because, in many ways, it is.

The story doesn’t end there though because, given the right time and support, the transition can be eased and discomfort significantly reduced.

Use Kinesiology to even out your journey and support a smoother transition through your menopause.

£50 for 90 minutes

To book your session or find out more, please call 07541 320113

Understanding that what we feel inside is what we broadcast to the outside world can have a dramatic impact on your thinking.
It’s time to change your ‘vibe’ to attract more of what you want and dump all the old patterns, cycles and beliefs that hold you back from attracting the clients, opportunities and business growth your desire!
In these session we ignite your inner beacon and shine brightly out to the world, fueling you from the inside out, sending a robust message to attract the business you want.

£50 for 90 minutes

To find out more or book your session please call 0754 1320113

What are you trying to achieve?

It’s a simple question but, too often we express what we don’t want, rather than actively pursuing what we do.

A goal is just that – an expression of the outcome of the change you want in your life.

So, ask yourself “What do you want BETTER in your life?”

When you’re ready to achieve it get in touch to book your session.

£50 for 90 minutes
Contact me on 07541 320113 to book, I look forward to helping you bring your dreams into reality.

When was the last time you had a restful night’s sleep and woke feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the day?
Do you keep telling yourself you will ‘catch up’ when you get the chance?

Sleep is crucial to our mental and physical health, ideally we will spend nearly 1/3 of our lives asleep, repairing damage, restoring energy levels and sorting out the business of the day.

Stress, over-stimulation, hydration, nutrition, exercise, hormones and numerous other factors affect the quality and quantity of your sleep; in turn sleep affects your whole emotional and physical system, creating habitual sleep patterns that feel difficult to break.

When you’re ready to break this cycle and have a great night’s sleep, get in touch.

£50 for 90 minutes.

Contact me on 07541 320113 to find out more and book your session.