How to live deliberately

Embrace your authentic self with this workbook of powerful tools, strategies and techniques. Learn just how to live deliberately.

To live deliberately is to live with intention. Being aware of our choices and the beliefs, habits and behaviours that dive them. To live deliberately is to be present and engaged, every step of the way. From How to live deliberately by Claire Cutler-Casey

Where did ‘How to live deliberately’ come from?

I have spent many years exploring the world and negotiating my space, within it. How to live deliberately is the result of that journey.

I learned about the Chinese 5 element theory, as part of my professional training. Many pieces fell into place and a clarity emerged that has supported and informed my subsequent journey.

How to live deliberately soon became the phrase that embodies my perspective on life.

My deliberate journey

I am grateful for all the people who have sat with me, discussing ideas, beliefs and behaviours. Their generosity gave me a breadth of perspective and depth of understanding I could not have achieved alone.

I have spent many years working with people, in the process of life changing transitions. As a result I created a range of responsive strategies to help keep them ‘on track’. To begin with they were often unsure what they wanted to achieve, let alone if it were possible. My role was to help them persist until their path became clear. I taught them how to live deliberately. This book represents my years of dedication to this practice.

How to live deliberately Embrace your authentic self with this workbook of powerful tools, strategies and techniques Claire Cutler-Casey

How to live deliberately – The universal constant

The five element cycle sits at the heart of all change, whilst also highlighting the struggle we have with it. My desire is to help you embrace the flow of the wu-wei and learn to, effortlessly, ride the tide of change. Ultimately, this is the essence of this effective resource, gracefully teaching you just how to live deliberately.

Use the book in the way that suits you best. You might follow your intuition to ‘find something to support you today’, conversely, you may prefer to work methodically through, page by page. Both methods are equally valid.

You may decide to hook into the energy of the current season to provide ‘more bang for your buck’ jumping on the current momentum to fuel your activities with the natural power of the season, in which case, select the chapter relevant to the time of year as your starting point.

I have designed this book to stimulate your right brain creativity, at the same time occupying your left brain logic. Simultaneously creating the perfect opportunity for whole brain thinking, providing access to that part of you that has the brilliant ‘light-bulb moments’, and, as a result, the courage to pursue them.

Gorgeous illustrations

How to live deliberately is also a wonderful colouring book for adults. Check out some of the the beautiful illustrations from the talented Lucy Monkman, a selection of which can be seen below.

How to live deliberately is a 120 page, spiral bound compendium of tools, techniques and strategies, created to help you embrace your authentic self.