Workshops, gatherings and courses for kinesiologists and other practitioners

Deepen your knowledge to create profound balance and harmony.

In depth meridian workshops designed to help you enrich your client work by providing a deeper knowledge and understanding of each of the superficial energy meridians.

Join us as we travel each meridian pathway, stopping at some valuable points along the way, investigating some of the physical, emotional and spiritual associations and exploring a variety of tips and techniques that you can use for yourself and with your clients, to create profound balance and harmony.

These small, interactive workshops take place regularly, focusing on the energy meridian that is most active at that time.

Each workshop attendee also receives two information sheets to keep.

Workshops run via the Zoom platform so you can join us, wherever you are in the world, without leaving your seat.

Join us as we explore……

Triple Warmer & Pericardium meridians
Central & Governing meridians
Spleen Meridian
Stomach Meridian
Lung Meridian
Large Intestine Meridian
Kidney Meridian
Bladder meridian
Liver meridian
Gall Bladder meridian
Heart Meridian
Small Intestine Meridian

If you wish to discuss whether these workshops are right for you please contact me for a chat.

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