Learner feedback

For most of my professional life, in one guise or another, I have been an educator.

As Executive Trainer for The Lifelong Learning Group, training industry professionals in practice management skills; Senior Trainer with Women’s Wisdom Ltd and ARC Hubs where I specialised in training people who had reached a crossroads, receiving an ESF award for our pioneering work in Gender Equality.

I am Level 4 PTTLS qualified and an A1 Assessor.

I have trained people in a diverse range of subjects, from sophisticated bespoke computer systems to the complexity of interpersonal relationships, from negotiation skills to witnessing people in emotional trauma.

In all these different roles the one thing I know about my journey is how empowering education can be when it is crafted and delivered in a way that puts the learners at the centre of the experience. 

The role I have now chosen, as a kinesiologist and instructor, enables me to share my passion for learning with others; through the workshops, development sessions and in a book.  Sharing in a way that is inclusive, interactive and informative makes it all worthwhile and very rewarding.

Feedback 1

I have huge respect for every attendee at my workshops, it takes courage to commit to learning something new, especially when it involves any aspect of self development.  Stepping out of your comfort zone takes many forms and I regularly have the pleasure to witness workshop attendees making significant progress in their own journeys and, every time, I feel humbled; honoured to have created an environment which inspires, informs and supports change.

Feedback 3

Creating the optimum learning environment for an evolving audience is a complex dynamic which matters as much to me as the information I am sharing, so gathering feedback is vital because I can’t look for a solution if I am unaware of the problem.

I always ask the same fundamental feedback questions to ascertain what worked, what didn’t work and how things can be improved.   I am grateful to everyone who completes feedback on any of my events, courses and workshops.

Feedback 4

Keeping it fresh and relevant means keeping my eye on the ball and ensuring I always play the ball that’s bowled – building flexibility into my delivery, knowing the material, knowing the subject, listening to my audience and being prepared to co-create with you; responsively crafting a dynamic learning environment for everyone, including the educator.

The feedback here is from some of my recent workshops, I hope it provides an insight into what it’s like to participate in my workshops and events.

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