Business Training

Discover your business self – embrace your unique business style

A range of interactive business skills workshops designed to work with the unique individual you are, to embrace the entrepreneur you want to be.

Your business is failing to thrive because you are trying to do things the way that suits someone else.  In the same way that wearing someone else’s shoes quickly becomes unbearable, running your business someone else’s way is futile, exhausting and demoralising.

It may feel comfortable at first but, eventually your paths diverge and, suddenly, you are cut adrift. With no safety net to carry you forward, motivation wanes and, slowly things grind to a halt.

There is another, easier, way….

Authenticity is paramount. Now is the perfect time to find your authentic voice and speak clearly and confidently from your heart.

Doing business your way is exactly the right way.  There is no manual, no right or wrong, everything is open to interpretation.

The only constant in your business is … (cont’d)

Zoomstorm – the ideas storm for your business

If lockdown taught us anything it is how important it is to be flexible with our service delivery models.

Accessing customers in their own homes has never been easier and, with 13 million people (yes, YOU read that right) now using Zoom, embedding this as part of your post lockdown offer makes perfect sense.

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What is a Zoomstorm session?

It’s 90 minutes focusing on how you can extend your service to reach more customers, by taking all or part of it online, using Zoom.

People are out there, online, and ready to get involved with your interactive, online offer so, if you want to explore what you could do, via Zoom, jump aboard and let’s get storming the ideas.

Ready to take your service to the waiting audience of 13 million Zoom users but unsure how to get it right?

Join us and find out how to be your best self online.