It’s time to take you and your business seriously.

Discover your business self – embrace your unique style

How often do you find yourself worrying that people won’t take you and your business seriously ? Are you confused that you need a unique business idea but there is no place to be yourself in the way you do it?

Well, here’s secret that might surprise you. That anxiety is draining your most valuable business resource. 

You are just the right person to run your business, how do I know this?  Because you are already doing it.

Your business is failing to thrive because you are trying to do business the way that suits someone else.  In the same way that wearing someone else’s shoes quickly becomes unbearable, running your business someone else’s way is futile, exhausting and demoralising.

It may feel comfortable at first but, eventually your paths diverge and, suddenly, you are cut adrift. With no safety net to carry you forward, motivation wanes and, slowly things grind to a halt.

There is another, easier, way….

Authenticity is paramount. Now is the perfect time to find your authentic voice and speak clearly from your business heart.

Doing business your way is exactly the right way.  There is no manual, no right or wrong, everything is open to interpretation.

The only constant in your business is you.

Stop trying the be someone else and experience the relief of doing your business, your way.

Picture of four seated business people with Question marks for faces. Title who is the best person for the job?

So, who are you?

Think back to when you started your business. With courage, hope and enthusiasm, you launched your dream. Soon you realised you needed some other skills, so you looked to other people for guidance and they showed you their way. But their way didn’t always work for you, so you convinced yourself you couldn’t do those bits.

You decided it was something about you that meant you could never do that for your business.

Have you ever found yourself thinking….
‘Negotiation is not for me, I don’t like confrontation’
‘I would delegate but I know I’d only end up re-doing the job again myself’
‘What if someone said No?’
‘I’d love to run a workshop but I’ve no idea where to start’
or even, ‘I tried doing that once and it didn’t work’

Together we will create a way for you to stop questioning your own capability, tap into your unique resources and take your business to the next level (and beyond).

Image of pendulum over a compass - text - where do you want to go?
I believe in you. It’s time you started believing in you too.

Think of yourself as a million piece jigsaw, all the pieces represent your individual preferences, all those unique bits that make you, you. Of course someone else’s way doesn’t suit you – that’s their individual way, not yours. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

The most successful businesses are run by people who are extremely self-aware. Self-awareness means taking time out regularly to reflect on three main factors:

  1. The tools, skills, talents and experience you have
  2. The things you want to achieve
  3. What’s missing from/blocking your path

Often the biggest obstacle is lack of choice and understanding about how you could mix things up and do it your way.

Business myth buster moment

It’s time to take you and your business seriously and you can do that by doing things your way.

There are as many ways to do business (and all that entails) as there are people on the planet. What’s missing is a choice of tools and the understanding to use them, so that you can choose the exact way that suits you.

Your most powerful strength IS your individuality. It’s time you embraced that and gave yourself permission to discover and celebrate your unique business self.

Let’s do this

36 hours to change your world

There are 9 skills that every business person needs to be successful

  • Self-awareness
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Avoiding overwhelm
  • Handling rejection
  • Education

  • Once you’ve mastered these you can be confident that all your efforts will be rewarded.

The first and most important of these is self-awareness. Understanding what makes you tick, what really rocks your world and how you can use that wisdom to keep your business ahead of the game with every step.

Your business needs two people to thrive, you and your customers.  The more curious you are about yourself the more you learn about everyone else, that’s powerful knowledge that will help you easily build sustainable relationships with your customers.

You have probably spent plenty of your time, energy and resource identifying your ideal customer. Now it’s time to look at them from a very different perspective, to understand them in relation to you and your product or service and learn how to bridge the gaps between you.

How does ‘Discover your business self’ work?

Discover your business self is an informative, supportive space for you to explore who you are and how you access the world. Together we’ll uncover your hidden default settings and learn how to use them to your advantage.  

Business is all about the conversations between suppliers and consumers, learn how to have quality conversations that increase your sales without a huge marketing budget. Find out how many customers are missing you and what you can do to make sure they hear your message, every time.

Discover your business self provides a safe space to experiment with new ideas and concepts, all shared in an interactive, enjoyable way.  

Learn how to take you and your business seriously. It’s time to silence that inner critic, respect yourself and and create a comfortable internal space to live, work and grow.

The Discover your business self is a unique, affordable model.

All session cost £99 and run for 4 hours, via Zoom. Numbers are limited to ensure plenty of opportunity for questions and to ensure you receive a quality learning experience including 1:1 support.

The Discover your business self core module is the entry point. Here we take an interactive deep dive into the psychology of connections.

When booking you receive 27 preference questions. There are no wrong answers. Your responses indicate your preferences and how they inform your business self.

Optional bundles

When purchasing your core module you can purchase extra bundles, combining your choice of the optional modules to conquer whatever is getting in your way. The more you buy the more you save. Save up to £180

Learn to cast your net wider without making a single change to anything your business does.

Understand how to get the best outcome from every interaction – just by being you.

This is interactive learning – done in real time, no recording or self directed learning required.

Join us for four hours, embrace the learning and insights, experiment safely and put your unique spin on it , have a few aha moments, go away and use the stuff – no travel, no wasted time – learn with like minded business people and leave feeling good about your business and your place in it.

Celebrate the capable, powerful individual you are and get on with business.

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