Feeling blessed

I feel humbled to be considered as one of 365 inspirational business women.

I am feeling blessed.  Just before Christmas I was invited to be interviewed by the lovely people at the Shecan365 project.

Such a wonderful project and, as well as feeling blessed, I feel humbled to be considered as one of 365 inspirational business women.

The project captures a different woman’s story, every day, for 365 days, in just 365 words, which is as challenging as it sounds.

My story is here and there are loads of other inspiring stories to read, with new insights added every day, there is even a physical book, i’s super glossy and a lovely addition to any coffee table, great to pick up and flick through when you feel the need for a little inspiration.

I hope the story of how I got where I am today will help you in some way, even if it is just to understand a little more about how I became involved with Kinesiology (plus there’s a cute picture of pTerry the puppy).

Many of the women talk about overcoming adversity or experiencing significant life changes to get where they are now and I am feeling blessed to be counted in their number.


Claire Cutler-Casey is a professional Kinesiology Practitioner and Touch For Health instructor as well as delivering a variety of business and well-being workshops designed to help you navigate the process of change.

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